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Combining records management, powerful document capture and natural language search to make data management more efficient and valuable.

An intelligent record management system that provides intuitive next-generation full-text search and automatic classification and tagging. Empower your organisation with improved productivity through intelligent automation combined with an intuitive, user-friendly interface.

Documents being sorted automatically

Automatic Document Understanding

Data In. Knowledge Out.

Turn data into knowledge with Etiam’s advanced automatic document understanding tools. This incorporates new and robust machine learning methods, such as OCR, automatic classification and tagging and metadata extraction, to empower your organisation to make the most of your records.

Automatic Classification and Tagging

Etiam provides automatic classification and tagging of records using deep machine learning that considers the record metadata, text, and visual appearance of the record content to classify it with high accuracy. This system looks at both the text and the visual appearance of each record to determine which tags are applicable and will only tag records if it is highly confident in the result. Typically, this system results in tagging and classification accuracy of greater than 96%, providing substantial efficiency improvements over manual classification.

Auto-tagging can be applied at a per-page level, which allows individual pages to be quickly found in very large documents, such as finding a specific form in a large scanned document. These tags can determine the type of document (for example, invoice, claim, affidavit, fact sheet, etc.), the type of form, the supplier and more.

Metadata Extraction

Metadata tags allow users to efficiently use this information to search for relevant records. Etiam uses an advanced multi-format parsing system to automatically extract information from documents. This includes basic metadata such as the author, date and title, and metadata that is specific to the record type (such as the number of pages in a PDF/Microsoft Word document or EXIF data from images). Record metadata can be retrospectively upload additional metadata per record or in a bulk format.

Full Document Insights

Etiam incorporates a wide array of leading-edge and robust technology to provide full insights analysis of records. Not only can Etiam ingest standard information relating to metadata such as file types, it can identify the records classification type (e.g. invoice, purchase order, medical record) and record content (i.e. the context of a video or image). This comprehensive analysis empowers users to search within the entire contents of the record, as well as characteristics identified by Etiam.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) & Content Extraction

Etiam's full-text search capabilities are supported by its ability to extract all content from both digital and digitalised (scanned) records. Etiam's extensive record format support means no document is left unread, ensuring all content from PowerPoints to MS Access files are extracted.

Industry leading OCR technology allows Etiam to extract information from digitalized (scanned) and digital documents. This function automatically pre-processes any scanned records to remove noise and correct orientation and skew, allowing a lower required acceptance threshold, providing more data. Additionally, Etiam's OCR supports a wide array of record formats and languages.

22+ Supported Record Languages

Etiam can process over 22+ languages so users can search for documents which contain non-English text with Etiam using the automatic tagging / classification and the OCR document processor.

Extensive File Format Support

Etiam can support all file formats for storage and a singular record can be up to 4.7TB in size. An extensive range of commonly used file formats and more are supported for in-depth analysis with rule-based and metadata-based automatic classification and records management. Content-aware automatic classification is supported for many formats, including PDFs, Microsoft Office files and images.

Etiam's intuitive and accessible web interface

Intelligent Document Tools

Time consuming user tasks now streamlined.

Documents are at the heart of every business process, and Etiam not only manages them but makes it easier to interact with the files flowing through your organisation. This includes fast, secure and accurate conversion between file formats, the ability to annotate and share collections of documents in-place with Etiam and version control to protect users from time-consuming mistakes.

Document Conversion

User friendly document conversions, just one click away.

Convert the document between many common formats by clicking "Download As" straight from the main records screen. This function automatically uses OCR to extract the text of any scanned or photographed records. By making conversions user-friendly, users will not resort to online insecure third-party tools to convert a document.

Advanced Version Control & Document Comparison

Keep versions under control.

Compare documents between versions and between records and download the differences as a Microsoft Word document with mark-up. This capability also allows for the comparison between scanned documents.


Rich text editor capabilities for all file formats.

Etiam provides comprehensive multi-level annotation capabilities. Allowing the user to create annotations at a record collection level, record level and down to individual words through a rich text editor interface. Users can annotate all files, including documents, excel and some video and audio files with both word and time-based annotations.

Document Collections

Revisit groups of useful documents.

Etiam's collection functionality allows for users to save a compilation of documents which they are intending to re-use. This allows the user to easily access a group of documents, without moving the document from the original data source location or making a secondary copy in a new location. Records can be automatically tagged/classified to be linked to project IDs, to allow project users to easily search for project documentation.

Interact with Scanned Documents

Empower uses to edit non-digital documents.

Etiam allows for users to download editable versions of scanned or photographed documents, so users can search through and copy-and-paste from the document. This function automatically pre-processes the image to remove noise, correct orientation and skew, and uses advanced optical character recognition (OCR) to add the text to the document.

Integrate with every application, both on-premise and cloud

Integrate with Everything

All records in one platform.

Etiam is designed for today's business applications and records, with support for documents, images, video, audio, email and chat messages. This includes Microsoft 365 (including SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams and Exchange), finance and HR applications and line of business systems. Etiam has a simple API to make new integrations extremely fast and efficient, and the Etiam On-Premise Collector application enables integrations with your existing on-premise applications without impacting the network or user workflows.

Accessible Anywhere

Etiam provides an innovative web interface for viewing, searching and managing records that works on desktop web browsers, tablets and smartphones.

Modern User-Friendly Interface

At the core, Etiam is designed to be user-centric and intuitive. A major component in allowing users to efficiently search for records is providing a modern and easy to use interface. Etiam complies with WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) / ISO/IEC 40500:2012.

All Etiam screens can be modified to adapt to the customers’ specific colour theme and branding. Furthermore, Paper Asteroid continually incorporates user feedback to improve and adjust the product to ensure that the user always have the best experience.

Standard and Custom Integrations

Etiam is built on Microsoft Azure and standard integration includes Microsoft 365 (also known as Office 365 which includes OneDrive, Exchange and Teams), Microsoft SharePoint, intranet websites and shared network drives. Additional integration to data sources not included as part of the standard integration are also available, at a customer's request.

API Integrations

APIs allow developers to easily integrate with new and existing business applications, to allow Etiam to grow with your organisation. This includes the ability to upload records, manage records and subscribe to a real-time event stream of all new information being created.

Secure using Australian cloud technology

Secure. Reliable. Compliant.

Secure today and scalable for tomorrow.

Etiam is designed to comply with the Australian and international security and record management standards. It is built to ensure all data is encrypted at rest and in transit, and to ensure all data stays within Australia at all times.

Stored in Microsoft Azure, Australia Central region

The Etiam product operates in the ASD-certified and IRAP-assessed "Australia Central" (Canberra) region of the Microsoft Azure cloud. Each client is provided a segregated data store and their records are encrypted using a customer specific key. No other cloud services are utilised to ensure that information is contained and protected.

Enterprise Grade Encryption at Every Point

All data is encrypted at rest and during transit using industry-standard (AES-256) encryption.

Role-based Permissions (Active Directory)

For user management and authentication, Etiam integrates with Microsoft Azure Active Directory or Atlassian Crowd. This ensures that all user access controls are up to date and aligned within the organisation to prevent misuse of information. It also utilises these for group management to simplify user management and allow existing processes to continue to control permissions. To ensure security, no user login credentials are stored in the application and all authentication is via the Customers’ authentication providers including Microsoft Azure Active Directory or Atlassian Crowd.

Immutable Audit Logs

Etiam provides a full log of all events in the system, with all record interactions (search, access, modifications, disposals), automatic and user tags actions and configuration changes. The immutable audit logs detail actions, timestamps, record IDs and user details. This provides an audit trail that can be reviewed and exported as required.

Comprehensive Dashboards & Reporting

Etiam provides comprehensive and customisable dashboards, displaying visual information that is most relevant to the user, such as classification accuracy, record growth and activity and lifecycle events including disposal.

The reporting allows for a record manager to utilise the reporting query function to find more specific information, such verification that documents have been correctly identified, ingested and classified. This includes a breakdown of records identified per data source (storage location) to ensure that every data source is operating normally. Reporting integration with common business insights software is available for deeper analysis and manual exports to third-party business insight tools.

Durability & Disaster Recovery

Etiam has a high availability (HA) setup with an always-on instance in Australia Central 2 to provide disaster recovery. Backup snapshots of the database are taken daily and stored for 30 days. These are replicated in the Australia Central 2 region of Microsoft Azure. File data is automatically replicated to the Australia Central 2 region using geographically redundant storage (GRS).

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