Paper Asteroid

Paper Asteroid

Paper Asteroid is an Australian company focused on providing enterprise document automation software and services that make records management more efficient.

Our core purpose is driven by individuals from technical and business consulting backgrounds who have directly experienced and seen the difficulties clients face in finding relevant and timely information to do their jobs. After searching the market for viable solutions to resolve these issues, we've turned to build a product that is finetuned to provide solutions to our client’s problems.

Connected capabilities


The Paper Asteroid delivery team has extensive experience working in financial services, infrastructure and construction, insurance sectors and in state and federal government departments. In these organisations, our work has ranged from requirements gathering, development of specialised software to creation of governance models to ensure successful software implementation and adoption.

Many of these projects focus on general automation solutions to improve processes, governance and document management. The team specialises in document classification and tagging in organisations which manage high record volumes across several silos.

Environmental friendliness


Paper Asteroid has been carbon neutral since day one and strives towards being carbon negative. All air travel by employees is carbon-offset and trees are purchased annually on behalf of the employees. By using only Microsoft Azure Cloud, we can ensure that all data centres are carbon neutral.

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